June 16, 2021 In Advovacy, Insurance

Can You Expect a Fourth Stimulus Check?

At this time, it is still uncertain if Americans can expect another federal stimulus check. We do know that the IRS is nearly done sending out its third round of stimulus checks, and some lawmakers…

June 9, 2021 In Advovacy, Insurance

Seniors Victims of Data Breaches

A staggering 100 million Americans were victims in a Capital One data breach earlier this year, bringing this topic to the forefront of conversations. But what hasn’t been receiving much major media coverage are the…

June 2, 2021 In Advovacy, Insurance

The Functions of a Will

The legally binding directive declaring who will receive your assets upon death is called a will, and a will is a significant element of a complete estate plan. If you die without one (intestate), the…

May 26, 2021 In Advovacy, Insurance

Is It a Good Idea to Add My Children to My Bank Accounts?

Can I just add my children to my bank accounts if I want to leave my bank holdings to them? That idea sounds better than it actually is. Yes, you would avoid court proceedings when…

May 19, 2021 In Advovacy, Insurance

Be Prepared, Do Not Wait

You can hear your mother say something like that, right? And how often have you wished that you’d followed mother’s good advice? Nobody really wants to think in advance about accidents or illness. But if…

May 5, 2021 In Advovacy, Insurance

Celebrities and Everyday Folks Are Affected by Dementia

Famous author, TV producer and wildlife expert, Jack Hannah has decided to go into retirement due to his struggle with dementia. Known as “Jungle” Jack, he left the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, where he served…

February 16, 2021 In Advovacy, Insurance

Who Should Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance?

Buying long-term care insurance is one way to protect against the high cost of long-term care. However, this type of insurance may not be for everyone, so consider all your options.

January 27, 2021 In Advovacy, Insurance

Your Digital Footprint Is Growing – Do You Have a Plan?

There are very few individuals without a digital footprint anymore. From social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitch.tv and Twitter, blogs and licensed domain names, email, music, photos, seller accounts on eBay, Amazon, or Itsy,…

January 13, 2021 In Advovacy, Insurance

Arbitration Clauses Within Nursing Homes

Suppose that you or your loved one has been so badly hurt by a nursing facility’s abuse or negligence that you need to sue. You would want a jury of your peers to decide whether…

January 6, 2021 In Advovacy, Insurance

Differentiating Medicare and Medicaid

If you work in healthcare, you may recognize the acronym LASA, which stands for “look-alike-sound-alike” and is usually seen when referencing medications.   When it comes to federal programs, Medicaid and Medicare, in written form, look…